Attention Athens Digital Nomads: here’s where you can find guaranteed wifi and vibes

Five places for Athens digital nomads to work, by neighborhood

Athens digital nomads best places to work
yes, you can work from Athens with the beach as your view

2017 is the year where I feel we can officially say “all things are possible.” Something called a “fidget spinner” has become a multi-million dollar market. An orange reality star is the president of the United States. All your pictures somehow exist in a cloud. And the traditional office is quickly being uprooted by unconventional workspaces.

If you’re already a digital nomad, skip this paragraph. If not, keep going… Thanks to the internet, something which has existed for a mere blip of a fraction of yet another blip in human history, the workforce has changed dramatically. Location no longer matters for many, and increasing amounts of workers, including the author of this post, have become location independent. These people are called digital nomads and they can be found all over the world asking for wifi passwords.

It’s become apparent that Greece is a bit of an untapped market for digital nomads. This winter, I worked from an island in Thailand that hadn’t even had electricity for two decades. Yet, people complain they can’t find good wifi in Athens.

Many are out to change that. Demi Papageo of Digital Nomads Go Greece wants to help digital nomads feel at home in the country she loves dearly. Her online community, as well as Digital Nomads Athens, are slowly building online resources for savvy location independent workers to figure out how to hack Grece. Papageo ultimately hopes to help nomads through excursions that take them a bit off the beaten path (see also: flying to Athens for a night before going to Santorini and/or Mykonos and claiming to really have seen Greece).

Because we’re not stationed in Athens (yet!) we asked Papageo for some suggestions where digital nomads can find what it is they chase: strong wifi, beautiful surroundings, and something Greece has more than enough of: good coffee.

1. Plaka: Yiasemi, coffee shop

Yiasemi is a perfect place to indulge in Greek coffee AND get work done. Image via Neos Kosmos

This cute cafe is located in the heart of Athens’ oldest neighborhood, Plaka. In addition to being very picturesque and cosy, the cafe serves real Greek coffee. Neos Kosmos recently called it a “little treasure,” and it has the Digital Nomads Go Greece stamp of approval.

Address: Mnisikleous 23

2. Monastiraki: Impact Hub

Impact Hub proves a place for Athens digital nomads to co work and meet other entrepreneurs in Greece
Networking in action! Image via Impact Hub

Located in a beautiful neoclassical building, Impact Hub is a well-known coworking space with locations in many different cities. We love how the Athens location is cozy, yet very classically Athenian. Thinking about launching your next venture while based in Greece? Impact Hub also arranges networking events so you can easily meet like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs.

3. Kallithea: Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Stavros Niarchos Foundation exterior, by night

With a huge library, impressive fountain and beautiful gardens, the Niarchos Foundation in is an off-beat opportunity for Athens digital nomads to work and experience one of the city’s newer gems.

Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the foundation is an architectural marvel.  Fun fact: the center, which also has incredible concerts and cultural programming, was made possible by one of the largest donations -in history- for a cultural building.
4. Glifada: Balux Cafe- The House Project

athens digital nomads perfect spaces to work
Balux cafe, winter version

Are you an Athens digital nomad who thinks you can only work in the city center? It’s time to drop that notion and explore Athens’ beaches – while getting work done.

Located on the beach, this spacious venue is tailor-made to provide all the amenities you’d ever wish for. There are no walls, drink in the beauty of Greece while working on your dreams. Come for a coffee and work, stay for evening playtime.


This is just the first installment in our series focused on helping digital nomads discover and thrive in Greece. With spaces like these, we’re left wondering if Greece might just become the next hotspot for digital nomads. What do you think?

P.S. Interested in working from an island? So am I! Stay tuned for more to come. In the meantime, check out Digital Nomads Lesvos for one amazing option.