You already swoon Greek beaches. What about Greek beach towels?

Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos Greece iconic blue water
Image via KiteAdvisor

Three brands whose Greek beach towels are worthy of the above views

A cursory search for Greek beaches is likely to leave you salivating over your laptop. How on Earth could we be doing anything other than spending our time in one of these azure paradises, sipping iced coffee? (come August, many of us will be doing just that… but I digress..). You know you love Greek beaches, but what about Greek beach towels?

Given our reverence for all things involving sand and sea, it comes as no surprise that Greeks would want to optimize the looks and quality of their beach accessories. Enter these three brands making Greek-inspired beach towels

Hit the sand in one these Greek beach towels… preferably on a Greek beach. 


Nolah is an amazing Greek beach towel brand with incredible patters
Nolah’s The Tibet Eye

1. Lounge on one of Nolah’s signature “roundies” 

Why be square when you can lounge on a Nolah? More than just a Greek beach towel brand, Nolah makes vacation-ready accessories, including (cough… Instagram-ready …cough) pool floats for adults. A brand after my own heart, their signature round towels come in several gorgeous patterns, ranging from bright and intricate to minimal and subdued.

Nolah Greek beach towel's abacus towel
Perfect hat and water not included


Postfolk plays on motifs from Greek folk art

2. Flaunt Greek folk-inspired digital embroidery on Postfolk’s beach towels. Created by Greek graphic designer Maria-Olga Vlachou, Postfolk’s products are a digitally crafted homage to your family’s loom-created pieces. Maria-Olga saw the potential for these motifs to be interpreted in modern day using new mediums. Revive the artistic legacy of Greek women while also having the most enviable towel on the beach!

Postfolk makes many other beautiful products that you can check out at their website.


Sun of a Beach

Sun of a beach Wild Urchin Beach Towel

3. Wrap up in Sun of Beach‘s premium towels and beach accessories. Designers Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou created the brand with an aim at making beach towels innovative and fresh. More than just towels, the brand also creates comfort-oriented beach accessories, such as the wearable Lolita vest, designed to take you straight from the water to post-dip cocktails. All handmade and produced in Greece, the product is inspired by summertime on Greek islands.

Greek beach towel brand sun of a beach creates playful beach accessories inspired by the Mediterranean
The Caldera vest by Sun of a Beach

What brand of Greek beach towels did we miss? Comment below!