A glimpse into the world of Tatiana Choremi’s Spirit Infused Jewelry

Tatiana Choremi's spirit infused jewelry is handmade in Greece
photo by Laurent Fabre

Choremi creates mystical, bohemian pieces at her own pace.

We live in a time that prizes profit margins above all else. Even some of our most revered jewelers have resorted to production that takes place unethically, and on a mass level. And so, when you encounter a piece made with care, you can almost feel it. Enter Tatian Choremi. Her spirit infused jewelry is created by hand in her own true rhythm, something she refuses to give up.

To work at one’s own pace and with care is a rare thing these days, though it’s of course seen a resurgence in many industries. Choremi’s is a meditative spirit, and she’s a true free thinker. Her artistry has gathered the attention of Vogue UK, Gynaika Magazine and more.

We were lucky to speak with her about her process, inspiration, and philosophy. Read on for a dreamy conversation…

spirit infused jewelry by tatiana choremi is handcrafted in Greece
photo by Laurent Fabre

You place a lot of value on the time and love each piece receives. This is a beautiful perspective in a time when most people are concerned with producing more, more quickly and with less care. I love this! How did you decide this would be how you’d work? Have people ever suggested you cut corners so you can produce more?

As long as I create with love and devotion there is no time limit. Working with your hands is part of giving a piece of your soul in your creation and this process is timeless.

I feel gratitude for all my clients who respect my way of working and sometimes they can wait for weeks to wear one of my pieces.

You also love painting and sculpture and site these as important to your art. Who inspires you the most from these realms?

I get inspiration from my inner self as I draw and paint, working with clay, taking photos, writing poems … whatever gives me the freedom to express my truth self.

What advice would you give to a young artist?

Instead of searching outside for ideas, they must look deep inside them. The source of inspiration is hidden inside our souls.

Tatiana Choremi's spirit infused jewelry is handmade in Greece
handmade with love

Your site mentions your pieces help people become aware of the present moment. Do you practice meditation or any mindfulness? What brought you to these philosophies?

Meditation is a way of living, without it, we are all lost in madness.
My way of living, working and traveling showed me the way.

I love that you have pieces echoing and honoring the divine feminine and the goddess. What can our current society learn from these archetypes? We live in such a masculine world. Do you think this is shifting at all?

I believe that women have an unexpected power that grows unconsciously from the depths of Earth, this power is creating love, creating life, creating the unexpected.

I wish one day all women will have this power for a better future on this planet.

Do you think it’s important for Greek artists, whether in Greece or not, to identify with their Hellenism? Why or why not?

Of course not! I definitely don’t believe in borders, flags, and symbols, like the cross, that separate us. After all, as I have already said, “we are all one people.”

tatiana choremi's spirit infused jewelry is made in greece with spiritual underpinnings and care


You can buy Choremi’s spirit infused jewelry online here.

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