TEDxAthens 2017 Gathers Thought Leaders in Athens to Explore The Edge

TedxAthens brings thought leaders to athens this may to the stavros niarchos foundation cultural center


How do you define the edge when we know nothing other than human boundaries being pushed ever further?

TEDxAthens, taking place May 13 at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Session, aims to ask that very questions.

Bringing together thought leaders from around the globe, TEDxAthens is an independently organized brand of TED, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading ideas via short, impactful videos. If you’re familiar, you know the topics know no bounds, from a neurosurgeon who discovered oneness with the universe after suffering a stroke, to what we can learn from kinky insects.

This weekend’s theme is likely to resonate heavily on the heels of 2016-2017’s global political madness. From their site, they aim to discuss: “In a global reality characterized by uncertainty in politics, economy, even society itself, emotion and personal belief seem to be more influential in shaping public opinion than objective facts. Are we heading further and further away from what was once perceived the middle or are we in the forefront of a brand-new beginning? While economy turns introvert, the rising of wellbeing expands our understanding on human nature. Where science & technology never stop triggering the imagination, re-emerging beliefs challenge our perception. When exploring new planets, we struggle with sustaining our own. On the hypothesis that all scenarios are equally sound and possible, hope and truth are dancing together as we enter a new frontier for humanity. Can we follow the steps? In May 2017 TEDxAthens invites you to explore the edge.”

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