Beware of Greeks brings Contemporary Greek Designers to the EU Parliament

Well, this is going to be cool. A curated selection of Greek designers is being exhibited in Brussels this week. Called “Beware of Greeks” and curated by Sofia Sakorafa, the exhibition of contemporary Greek designers opens this Tuesday, October 17th at the EU Parliament.

The aim of the exhibition is to promote and elevate contemporary Greek creative entrepreneurs.

Some of the artists exhibited are ones we’ve loved on in the past: artist Loula Levedi’s whimsical scarves, which serve as “totems” into the subconscious (often with humor) and Postfolk’s folk-inspired wares by Maria-Olga Vlachou. Others on display are Christina Skouloudi, Spiros Daikos, Cryssa C., Stratis Andreadis, Sofia Papakosta and Sergios Fotiadis. In addition, the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean and of the Department of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology of TEI of Karditsa will exhibit creations inspired by “the tradition and Greek reality.”


Watch the short for the exhibition below:


Of the playful Beware of Greeks theme, curator Sofia Sakorafa says, “The Greek design is here, dynamic and ready to face challenges, in search of a more powerful extrovert expression.”  If you’ve snoozed on Greek design up till now, it’s time to pay attention!

Learn more about Beware of Greeks on their site.