Greek Designers to Gift this Christmas (or anytime…)

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I would NEVER wait until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. If you’re feeling like you’ve struck out on what to gift your loved ones, fear not! DR has curated a selection of our favorite items made by Greek designers. Clever, unique, and NOT available at, say, Zara, you can also feel good about supporting independent brands. If you’re in the U.S. or elsewhere outside of Greece, gifting Greek designers is a beautiful way to stand out AND share a bit of Greek culture without simply giving melomakarona again (not that we’re opposed to this…).

Not all designers are available EVERYWHERE, so take note of the shipping and shopping availabilities in your country. Aside: thank you to our audience for spanning four continents.

From psychedelic scarves to small batch playing cards, enjoy our list of Greek designers to gift this Christmas. And no, this article isn’t my personal Christmas list. But I won’t deny that it also could be.

For the creative: notebooks from

Move over, Moleskin, as Quixotic‘s small-batch notebooks have won my heart. The aesthetic and paper quality on “on point,” as they say.  Journal-aficionados, perpetual list-makers, creatives, and pretty much anyone who ever puts pen to paper will love these.

Below is a list of stockists. As of now, we don’t think they’re available outside of Greece but hope that changes very soon.

For the friend with the busy social calendar: Clutches from It’s All Greek on Me


These clutches are perfect for the loved one who always has an event to attend. We all know this buzzy, busy person… and they OBVIOUSLY need a variety of sharp bags for each outfit and event. It’s All Greek on Me is a gorgeous brand whose aesthetic reflects Greek folk art with a modern edge. (If you’re reading this and you love me, I’ll take one of the velvet ones in each color.)

For your Dad… or anyone: Playhouse Cards by Studio Entice

One would be hard-pressed to find a gift that’s as clever, affordable, and gender-neutral as these playing cards. Available via Shop Angeliki, a U.S. online store that sells a thoughtful curation of Greek designers, these cards are the perfect house-warming gift, as well.

Created by Studio Entice, the playing cards reflect the architectural background of their creators. Shop Angeliki describes: “inspired by Ernst Neufert’s anthropometric designs in The Architect’s Data handbook, Studio Entice’s Playhouse Cards use architectural details that correspond to typical spaces in a residence, instead of numbers, as indicated in the handbook.”

For all of your wellness-conscious friends: Mastihashop shower gel

Mastiha is known for its unique taste and healing properties. It’s also endemic to the island of Chios, the only place on earth where it can be found. Wow your healthy (and non-Greek) friends with pretty much anything mastiha-based via Mastiha Shop.

P.S. this shower gel not only has plenty of ingredients to make you glow (mastiha oil, aloe juice, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and antioxidant enzymes) but is also free of the bad stuff contained in most drugstore body washes. Shop guilt free!

For the woman with everything: Jewelry from Marmarometry

We love Marmarometry‘s sleek designs and ethos so much that we interviewed the brand’s founder a few months back. If you’re looking for a gift that also gives back to Greece, it’s worth noting that each purchase supports the return of Hellenic relics to Greece.

The designs are sophisticated yet modern, so if you’re a bit uncertain about how to pick out jewelry for someone, but you still want to impress, you really can’t go wrong here.

For the boho one: tatourammou scarves

tatourammou’s scarves, such as the “Mystic” pictured above, are dreamy and psychedelic. These will make the ideal gift for your friend who loves anything boho and mystical, yet chic. These silks are colorful masterpieces. tatourammou also creates beautiful leather bags.

For the history lover, feminist, friend who’s never been to Greece, etc: Ethos Stories jewelry.

This women-run brand pays homage to the rich history of women’s art in Greece. And yes, I said art, because even if women created embroideries for their dowries, they were making unique art that never quite received its due credit. Most recently, Ethos Stories‘ designs were featured in the shop at Athens’ famous Benaki Museum.

P.S. ~ We might just have a super in-depth interview coming with Ethos Stories… stay tuned.

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