Delphi Reclaims Itself :: a note from the editor

I’ve been quiet for a minute. DR needed to pause and realign with its mission, one I wrote a long time before the blog launched. It still stands: Delphi Reclaimed is on a mission to elevate Hellenic consciousness and in doing so, inspire and unite millions of Hellenes, globally.

We are not nationalistic.

We do not care about your gender identity or religious beliefs. We do not care if you’re a Greek from Greece or if your Great- Grandmother who you never met is Greek. You might live in Melbourne, Thessaloniki, Athens or in a yurt. Doesn’t matter. If you feel Hellenism somewhere in your veins, you feel it.

We want to raise questions – and aren’t afraid to address problems – with what Hellenism is in 2017.

We live in a time of major globalization and connectivity. A time of political upheaval just about everywhere.

The threads of Hellenism are multi-faceted, nuanced and yet, very strong.

Many young people from Greece are incredibly disillusioned with their country and government. As a Greek-American, I’m quite disillusioned with my own government.

There are many questions to be asked, and we’re prepared to face them.

In doing so, we hope to share and inspire you by sharing stories from Greek creatives and doers ALL over the globe. Greeks in tech, Greeks in hospitality. Greek performance artists and writers.

What do you think?

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