Want to help those affected by the fires in Greece? Here are a few credible ways to easily help

“Greece, Shame” by artist Zoi Roupakia

The devastating wildfires that ravaged Greece last week continue to affect so many. People have lost homes, loved ones, cars, and more. As with any natural disaster, the need for help extends beyond said disasters’ time in the news cycle. Have you wanted to donate, but were unsure where to send your money? Unclear on what to donate when the reports of what is needed are changing every day? Did you intend to donate and perhaps forget? It’s not too late! Let these organizations utilize your donations (and intentions :)) for the best.

We’ve rounded up a few reputable ways to help with these ongoing efforts. You can follow these sites for ongoing updates on how to donate.

The Hellenic Initiative ~ from their website:

The Hellenic Initiative, a global charity focused on Greece’s economic recovery, is appealing to the society-at-large for assistance in responding to the terrible loss of life and property from the wildfires that have afflicted the outlying areas of Athens to the east and west.

The fires have claimed over eighty lives, and have injured scores more. The destruction is a national tragedy that has called for three days of mourning. This widespread, horrific catastrophe has galvanized thousands to respond with humanitarian and economic assistance.

The Hellenic Initiative is working with authorities on the ground and proven NGOs to provide assistance that is both effective and responsible. Since 2013, The Hellenic Initiative has infused over thirteen million dollars into philanthropic and entrepreneurial programs to assist Greece in its time of economic crisis.

All funds raised will be used for this relief effort and THI will report back on all contributions and how they have been utilized in Greece.

Click here to donate via The Hellenic Initiative. You can learn more about THI’s overall mission via their site.

The Hellenic Red Cross

The Greek Red Cross has opened a bank account so individuals and/or companies can contribute financially.

Here’s the info:


no. Account


Bank Name and Branch Office number

Bank of Korae 7 & Panepistimiou 37, PC 10564, Athens


To minimize fees, Delphi Reclaimed suggests utilizing a service such as Transfer Wise for foreign transactions. 

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) 

From their site, “IOCC is supporting immediate basic needs for fire survivors like access to food. With our partner Apostoli, IOCC will distribute prepaid grocery cards to families affected by the fires, allowing them to purchase essential items like Greek-grown produce, dairy, and meat, as well as personal hygiene items, including soap and shampoo.”

We’re continuing to compile resources. Do send our way: hello@delphireclaimed.com

And we appreciate any and all shares of this post. Help us help fellow Greeks and our beautiful motherland.

The art at the top of this post was created by Zoi Roupakia, read our interview with Zoi here

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