Got the mati? There’s an app for that. Xematiasma goes digital

THE MATI gets a modern-day makeover with a virtual Yiayia

There’s an app for just about everything in 2017. And while it’s not exactly *brand new* news, xematiasma is now no exception. The free application, which you can download for free, is simply called “Xematiasma,” and the website is…. drumroll… Ftou ftou!

Got a headache? No need to track down your Theia who lives in another time zone to chant incantations, you can now just download an app! Once downloaded, a mysterious “Yiayia Trigona” will get rid of the mati for you right away. (Γιαγιά Τριγώνα θα σε ξεματιάσει αμέσως!!!). If you use Apple products, you might even be tempted to rename your newly-powerful device the “Evil EyePhone.” (too much? sorry.)

P.S. If you’re reading this and still don’t know what this “mati” is we’re referring to, it’s also called the “evil eye.”

Mati-inspired art by Cat Coquillette via Pinterest

The mati is one of Greece (and Turkey’s) most highly exported images. The app itself is a perfectly “internet age” combination of superstition, mysticism (witchcraft is back, in case you hadn’t heard), lore, and humor. The marriage of old Greek traditions and technology has never been better.

image via Pinterest

The mati itself has become the subject of much humor and myriad spinoffs. It had a mainstream moment when the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding hit America’s screens in 2002, inducing confused white people everywhere to ask their token Greek friends if they “actually spit on people.” Greece’s touristic boom has also made the symbol better-known, and a revival of all things mystical and the occult have seen an increase of eye/mati-inspired branding. One of the artists we’ve featured, Nefelia, has created her own spin on the mati in her designs.

Nefelia’s playful take on the “mati” made for your earlobes!

And yes, we’ll say it, our own logo may or may not have drawn some inspiration from the symbol. And yes, we do sell COSMIC MATI pins. Less geared towards typical Greek doom, we like to think of these as attractors for what’s good versus protectors from your hater’s jealousy. Check out the AGORA for more magic mati fun. Plus you’ll be ***COSMICALLY*** protected from those bad vibes.

As for the app, we’re as on board with mysticism as we are critical of it. While we don’t quite believe a virtual Yiayia can clear you of bad juju, it seems like a perfectly decent use of playful time. But I would still keep that Theia on speed dial…

Ftou ftou indeed.

Gavin Turk, Evil Eye, 2012, Poured acrylic paint on tondo canvas

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